Currently, Wooten Woods Retreat has 3 main buildings, an open air pavillion, and 5 Instructor cabins. There is also plenty of space for personal or event style tents.


The Barn

The Barn

Meals and group gatherings are held in a renovated, two-story barn constructed in the early 1900s. The barnseats around 200 people and comes complete with an office, camp store, storage area, green room, upstairs meeting, and a full commercial kitchen (under construction).

A newly constructed indoor/outdoor stage lines the back of the barn, providing the perfect concert/performance venue in all types of weather. Large roll-up doors open at the back of the stage allowing for outdoor amphitheater style performances. Outdoor seating, built into the hillside, makes for a wonderful experience on warm days.


Basses On Stage

A unique 2nd floor balcony, inside the barn, offers the audience a different view of the stage.



"Dinah's Woodshed"

The Classroom

"Dinah's Woodshed" is a newly constructed two-story building complete with covered porch and wheelchair ramp. The upstairs has separate access and can be used for meetings or for group activities.

We are very happy to announce Dinah‰¥?s Woodshed as .our first building dedication. We thank the DeSalvo family for allowing us to honor this beautiful woman.

Please Read More about Dinah...

Inside Classroom Building

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The Dome

The Dome

A 1018 sq. ft. dome structure (36‰¥? around x 20‰¥? high) is used as a large class/activity room, but is ready and adaptable for many different uses (yoga, exercise, meetings, performances, etc.).


'Ancient Device" in The Dome
Inside the dome.



The Nature Pavillion


A perfect spot for open air lectures or activities.


Sleeping Quarters


At Wooten Woods, we love to have people enjoy the outdoor experience by sleeping in a tent during their stay. If a 'more comfortable' experience is needed, we have a number of options.

Our Dormitory was built in the Spring of 2010.

Dormatory Exterior


Sleeper 1
The "Jazz" Cabin


Sleeper cabins, spread across the property, can house four or more people each.


Sleeper 2
"Jazz" and "Blues" Cabins



Camp Cabin
The Cottage

The main Camp Cottage is located in the middle of camp and is equipped with 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a complete kitchen, and a large porch.

It was beautifully renovated in 2010 and is ready for use.


Camp Cabin Inside


Bathroom & Shower Facilities

The Bathouse and Shower Building was constructed in 2010 and offers facilities you don't normally find in such a rustic setting. Each side features 4 full showers with plenty of HOT WATER!